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            2020/8/31 21:49:06

            产品标准: GB/T 24334-2009
            注:氧气透过率和水汽透过率都是数字越小表示越不易穿透,阻隔性能越好。平均厚度单位:μm;耐热温度单位:℃;氧气透过率单位:cm3/m2.24h. 23℃.atm.50%RH;水汽透过率单位为:g/m2.24h. 38℃.90%RH 。
            Note:The smaller the oxygen transmission rate and the water vapor transmission rate, the better the barrier performance.Average thickness unit:μm;Heat resistant temperature unit:℃;Oxygen transmission rate unit:cm3/m2.24h. 23℃.atm.50%RH;Water vapor transmission rate unit:g/m2.24h. 38℃.90%RH 。
            Product Name:
            JUBAOXIAN® PVDC plastic wrap flim
            Product Standards:GB/T 24334-2009
            JUBAOXIAN® PVDC plastic wrap is a food wrap film that is made by processing PVDC resin through a special double bubble extrusion process.The wrap has excellent packaging performance, barrier, airtightness, transparency, self-adhesiveness, good surface gloss, oil resistance, barrier odor, etc.The product that is certified by the US Food and Drug Administration(FDA) and the European Union EU/EC, is widely used in home and supermarket packaging.
            Product performance:
            (1)The wrap film has high barrier property against oxygen and moisture and prevents water loss from fresh fruits and vegetables to keep food fresh for a longer time. 
            (2)It can be used for heating and thawing in microwave ovens, solving the problem that traditional plastic wrap can not be heated by microwave.
            (3)The wrap film ensures that the food smell stays for a long time without any other flaour.
            (4)Strong sealing, effectively preventing liquid from leaking.
            Product specifications:
            性能指标Performance index:

            Comparison of barrier properties between PVDC and other films


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